Meeting my new assistant today, what will the future bring?

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Photograph? (1)

Photograph := a created image whose permanence is transient.


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Mobil test 42

Ok… We’ll try it yet again…
I haven’t seen an app so badly designed in a long while.

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Mobil Blogging

I decided to try blogging on my iPhone today. What an “interesting” experience.

We’ll ignore the $20.00 a year fee to do that. It seems acceptable in this day & age but the fact that you are apparently limited to 160 characters and if the post fails there is NO diagnostic information provided. Just the idiot message “FAILED”, which makes it rather difficult to figure out why, especially since the app also states it was “Published”.

(By the way…I’m not a 50 something ludite…In a past life, I designed & implemented large scale computer systems for some major companies.)

It says I have 30 days to try it out & still qualify for a refund. To be fair, I will give it a good testing but I have a bad feeling about it.

Here goes…..

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It’s been a long time since I posted a thought or 2.

I’m very sorry about that. I know you look at your emails every morning, just waiting for my musings.
I know I have…8o)

One of the problems I’ve faced in my blogging is having a wonderful idea and no place to stick it until I can write it down/type it in. I think I’m going to give in and give the WordPress iPhone app a try. I’ve had it loaded from a while but I detest typing on the little thing so much that I’ve managed to squirrel away in a back page.

Another little difficulty I’ve had has been the infamous “finding the time” problem. It’s been cropping up in many more places then just blogging and it needs to stop.

Laurie Klein, one of my instructors and a great friend, told me about a book by Twyla Tharp entitled “The Creative Habit”.
Twila is a firm believer in habits and personal rituals to make one perform something regularly. More on this later after I finish reading and digesting her ideas.

I’ve been shooting quite a bit, mostly digital work, but find it strangely hard to produce “finished” images from them. It’s not that I don’t like what I’m producing, it’s a problem with organization, both in my image storage and my life.

So my friends…more about this in a bit and I definitely want to get some of my new images posted.

So I will!

Have a wonderful & safe Memorial Day weekend for all my American readers and a Wonderful & safe weekend for all my other friends..

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Photo Retreats

We just concluded hosting the second Tillman Crane Photo Retreat at Peters Valley Craft Center. It was a lot of different things, from talking about Zone System workings in the digital world & viewing prints from all the attendees to exploring around an photographing Peters Valley to comparing the virtues of several single malt Scotches.
We shot primarily on Friday afternoon & Sunday morning due to the torrential rains on Saturday.

The most asked about spot is the old motel down by Thunder Mountain. Since I had gone in there recently and checked it out I felt pretty confident having people working in it.
The other popular spot was the Lenningtons barns. Shooting from a safe distance kept them safe and yielded some amazing images.
I guess I’ll have to figure out how to put images into my blog soon… 🙂
Next years is scheduled for the weekend of April 15th, 2012.
Be there……


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A little something to revolutionize Digital Cameras

When a camera company can add a 64Gb solid state drive the size of a quarter to their cameras, what kind of sensor size will we be able to use?
(Canon’s already demonstrated a 100Mp one.)
The image transfer time between the sensor processor and storage would be dramatically reduced and with a high speed external connection to your computer, such as SATA3 or USB3, not having a removable CF card would be an option for many users.

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because I haven’t written a blog entry about the iPhone, I feel I must….
I’ve realized I love it.
I was talking with Laurie Klein, a marvelous photographer & teacher, about something totally different & I mentioned the iPhone. She reminded me about the best thing about it for the Photographer….. It’s always on…..when you press the CAMERA button a window opens & you see what the camera is seeing but since it’s a phone, it’s not in a normal position. As you move it into the position you need, the monitor shows you what you as passing through. It’s just not something you normally get to view.
There have bee a whole lot of things I (& Laurie) have shot on a whim… even kept one or 2 of them…
I’m sure It’s not just the iPhone that does this…..
Now what you think of digital photography…….
Please try & play with a digital unit that does this…..
put some fun back into your Photography….

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Snow in Infra Red photographs

I took my IR modified old Canon G2 out in the snow to play yesterday & found snow to come out white rather than black. See even though snow is frozen water, read cold, it reflects light including IR. Just thought I’d mention it.
A more interesting post later perhaps…

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So it’s winter already…..

and I haven’t written a thing in MONTHS.
Funny, I’m still Photographing everyday.
I got a comment from someone that, unfortunately, I took to heart and it took the wind out of my writing.
It’s funny, I’ve received all sorts of comments concerning my photography. From glowing to flaming and everything in between and it’s never stopped me. I guess that means I have to photograph but not necessarily write.

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