Photo Retreats

We just concluded hosting the second Tillman Crane Photo Retreat at Peters Valley Craft Center. It was a lot of different things, from talking about Zone System workings in the digital world & viewing prints from all the attendees to exploring around an photographing Peters Valley to comparing the virtues of several single malt Scotches.
We shot primarily on Friday afternoon & Sunday morning due to the torrential rains on Saturday.

The most asked about spot is the old motel down by Thunder Mountain. Since I had gone in there recently and checked it out I felt pretty confident having people working in it.
The other popular spot was the Lenningtons barns. Shooting from a safe distance kept them safe and yielded some amazing images.
I guess I’ll have to figure out how to put images into my blog soon… 🙂
Next years is scheduled for the weekend of April 15th, 2012.
Be there……


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Photographer, computerist, slayer of Dragons Head of Photography for AWSchmitt Ltd. producing Creative, Illustrative Photography for your needs. ( ) Formally Head of Photography, Peters Valley Center For Crafts, Layton, NJ (
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