What Why Photographs

I expect that if you’re reading this blog you expect that I do, actually, photograph.

Sunset looking across from the front door of the Thunder Mt Studio

This is one of the subjects I photograph frequently, the dreaded Sun Set. Why might you ask do I add yet another image to the millions already taken by photographers all over the world?

Because it’s a beautiful image. It generally makes people smile when they see it, just like the sun set made them smile when it happened.

Is it Fine Art you ask????
IMHO…nope, it’s not.

Why did I shoot it??
Because I needed to. I needed to capture it and hold on to it for all those times the sunset sucks….because it makes me smile.

Photograph of my niece Jessie

My Niece Jessie loves to sit on the porch swing & swing & talk.

This is my niece Jessie.
She loves to sit on the porch swing & swing & talk and I just love doing it with her.

I make photographs like this because I need to remember, to hold on to little segments of times & places gone by.

Is it Fine Art you ask????
IMHO…nope, it’s not.

Do I care? nope… because I can see the image of the memory in my hand as well as the one in my minds eye It is like the difference between Monoral & Stereo music. With the addition of the image I have stereo in my mind.

(note to the younger set..in the dark ages up to the early 1960’s music only had one channel. Kind of like listening to your iPod with only 1 bud. Stereo’s introduction allowed dimensionality in music.)

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