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Photographer, computerist, slayer of Dragons Head of Photography for AWSchmitt Ltd. producing Creative, Illustrative Photography for your needs. ( ) Formally Head of Photography, Peters Valley Center For Crafts, Layton, NJ (

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well now…it’s been a while… How have you been? I “retired” from Peters Valley almost 2 years ago now… I guess I forgot to mention it… sorry… Life has been a little on the strange side now, what with me … Continue reading

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Photographers & other Artists getting royalties from subsequent auction sales of their works.

The American Royalties Too Act (ART Act) It’s funny but I’m really not sure how I feel about this legislation to give Artists a share of auction proceeds generated by customers subsequently selling their Art. Part me me says it’s … Continue reading

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A Novel Way To Destroy Your Computer System

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog entry here on was reading a LinkedIn discussion about backing up systems when, of course, the horror stories appeared. The horror of house fire and how the Fire Department … Continue reading

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ILL-U-GRAPHY – Illustrative Photography

While reading Lisa Hogbens posting “unhip hipstamatic or fauxtography fail “ I realized that some reason or another, I haven’t heard the word Fauxtography before but I like it. It definitely describes a lot of what I’ve been seeing on … Continue reading

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Opening of

I just thought I’d mention that is open and ready for business. You can get loads of Free-Bees and other helpful information along with the start of my on-line gallery business. Please stop by and say HI and let me know … Continue reading

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A few short entries

Before I get back to a better use for the emphasis idea I put forth in my last entry, I just wanted to mention a few interesting happenings.There’s even a musical interlude available to listen to as you peruse the … Continue reading

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Creating emphasis in an image

One of the things I miss in the iPhone is a variable aperture. This allows for the relative isolation of a subject by soft focusing the rest of the image not in the same focal plane as the primary point … Continue reading

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SlowShutter… Why II

One of the things I didn’t realize about SlowShutter is it allows you to set the shutter speed. (hey, I didn’t say I paid attention..) We were at the opening of the new East Gallery at the Grounds For Sculpture … Continue reading

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SlowShutter… Why?

Why would you take the risk of deliberately introducing blur into a camera system designed to be so sharp? In the days of olde, before apps, people crafted their images “in camera”. Through experience, looking at reams of other peoples … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a website I

It’s been an amazingly long time since I posted anything to WhyPhotograph. It all started when I got the bright idea to (finally) build a new website and Hypermart, my ISP, had a “sale” on URL’s & Hosting for a … Continue reading

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