A few short entries

Before I get back to a better use for the emphasis idea I put forth in my last entry, I just wanted to mention a few interesting happenings.There’s even a musical interlude available to listen to as you peruse the article, located at the end of the article.

The New York City Hall of Records has finally made over 870,000 images available online for all to see & use. There is also mention of an ability to purchase prints.

An interesting piece of software that might interest you. It allows the easy extraction of individual video frames, both on the iPhone & on the computer. This could allow for some fascinating composite images.

A App for the iPhone (and soon android) called the Trigger-Trap. If you buy a dongle that fits your SLR it works with that as well controlled by your iPhone.
The full program has a bunch of functional modes:
Timelapse, Eased timelapse, Sound sensor, Shock & Vibration sensor, Metal & magnetism sensor,
Facial recognition, HDR mode, HDR Timelapse mode, Distance-lapse mode, Motion detection mode,
Cable Release mode, Star trail mode
There is also a free version with three trigger modes (Cable Release mode, vibration sensor and timelapse mode)
I will report back on this soon.


Adorama has released an interesting tutorial on Flash fro photographing flowers. Though heavily Nikon-centric, the concepts should work for all.


And last, but not least, Adobe has released a note on using TWAIN plug-in for running scanners among other things through Photoshop. It’s not a pretty sight anymore. Even Adobe is recommending 3rd party software to do it.

I happen to really like VueScan.

oky-doky…that’ll keep you busy while I try to write a cogent article on using emphasis in iPhone portraits.

I’ll probably be listening to Iron Butterfly’s Inna Gadda Da Vidda…It’s the full length version with some interesting video…

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