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It’s been an amazingly long time since I posted anything to WhyPhotograph.

It all started when I got the bright idea to (finally) build a new website and Hypermart, my ISP, had a “sale” on URL’s & Hosting for a year. Unfortunately, was taken so I thought I’d take the experts advice & try to link it to my name. turned out to be available so I took it. I expected I would be able to build a new site w/o disturbing my old faithful I could just build AWSchmitt in the background then migrate it to when it was done. It seemed like a plan at the time……

Since I didn’t have a copy of DW CS5 to do an HTML site I decided to run with WordPress. This had been easy to setup, in the case of WhyPhotograph, and there seemed to be a bunch of themes available that I could probably customize later on.

I wanted a Photography based site so most of the free themes really weren’t applicable so I bought a simple, slide show based one. I didn’t want to do one that pushed images to the user, due to Verizon starting enforcement of bandwidth useage and the yoking of those who exceeded it. Of course, there is very limited documentation for the chosen theme. Documentation such as image sizes needed. If you put in one that was too big, it didn’t do the rational thing & limit it’s size on the screen, it just overflows the image across other sections of the screen. Put in the slide images and they go all over the place…

The worst problem I ran across was similiar to one discussed by Lisa Hogben  ( when she was setting up for a retrospective exhibit. Out of the bazillions of photographs she has taken, which ones to use? 
Just starting to run thru images upon images… all screaming “What about me???” (swiped that from Lisa too) is an amazingly daunting task. One that stymies me every time I attempt it. Pretty weird, huh?

Some of them even tried to climb out of the image.



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Photographer, computerist, slayer of Dragons Head of Photography for AWSchmitt Ltd. producing Creative, Illustrative Photography for your needs. ( ) Formally Head of Photography, Peters Valley Center For Crafts, Layton, NJ (
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4 Responses to Thoughts on a website I

  1. pjhoggers says:

    I love this last image!

    But what the hell is it?

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