Finally broke down & got a new iPhone 4s a month or do ago and thought I’d pass on a few comments.
Apple seems to want to takeover the small camera market with the 4s and they’ve almost got it right.(IMHO). My predominate complaint is the low light response which is not particularly good. In an attempt to rescue this, I’ve tried using TrueHDR to produce an extended range image but normally end up with low image quality & excessive grain.
I haven’t been able to find a program that gives me manual control of the camera yet.
Other than that the new sensor, especial when paired with TrueHDR, produces amazing results.
Well it’s time to get to work so more later…:)

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Woody Allen

Apparently Woody Allen wrote his latest one act play in Relatively Speaking to test his paper shredder.
We shall see what wee shall see..
It’s Woody… What could be bad?

Well… It was hysterical! Go see all three in a show called “Relatively Speaking” on Broadway… See it

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The new iPhone

Well I finally got my new iPhone ( thank you Karen) and figured I’d take a few minutes to get’er running…
Between the missing app’s & missing passwords it’s taken quite a while.
Before u do this assemble a list of ALL your USERID’s & PW’s to all app’s, email programs & networks because it passes almost nothing of a security nature over …
Also a good time to update the PW’s you haven’t changed in a while.
After ur done, go stick it with your will or something…
Good luck!!

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It’s funny, as I stand in this wedding documenting my daughters son Chase having the time of his life at her friend Liz”s wedding that I remember that I really did love shooting weddings … It was the rest if the crap that soured me…

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It’s funny but I always come up with things to write about when I am nowhere near a “real” keyboard. I realize this is a common complaint and an excellent excuse to not be stuffing the blogisphere with my pearls of wisdom but it’s also just that…an excuse.

I’ve tried the iPhone app but I find editing by dragging around my fingertips on a small screen, frustrating at best, expletive deleted at worst.

I have the free version of Dragon Dictation that previously butchered my charming prose into strangely formed groupings of words even worse than my original thoughts. I remembered that it has had a few updates so I gave it a try by reading the previous paragraphs into it. Amazingly, it produced a perfect transcription, sans punctuation.

By emailing it to myself, I can edit it on the computer or just copy it into the limited WordPress App on the iPhone and splatter forth to the digital world.

Well……we’ll see anyway…

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Week 6 at Peters Valley

Well, the weekend is shaping up nicely for Laurie Klein’s Personal Visions class.
Always interesting to see how various students finish assignments and how their work grows in the 5 days they’re here.

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F295 conference IV

Well the party’s over & the drive down the ling & winding road begins…a good conference.. Will talk more in detail later… You have been warned..

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F295 conference III

Day 3 of the conference find me going on a Loma walkabout… Never used one of these before .. Beautiful day for it.

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F295 Conference ii

Sitting in the auditorium at Carnige-Mellon listening to they why’s of presenters works instead of the hows.

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F295 conference

Off to f295 in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to be surrounded by nondigital Photographers.. More to come.

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