because I haven’t written a blog entry about the iPhone, I feel I must….
I’ve realized I love it.
I was talking with Laurie Klein, a marvelous photographer & teacher, about something totally different & I mentioned the iPhone. She reminded me about the best thing about it for the Photographer….. It’s always on…..when you press the CAMERA button a window opens & you see what the camera is seeing but since it’s a phone, it’s not in a normal position. As you move it into the position you need, the monitor shows you what you as passing through. It’s just not something you normally get to view.
There have bee a whole lot of things I (& Laurie) have shot on a whim… even kept one or 2 of them…
I’m sure It’s not just the iPhone that does this…..
Now what you think of digital photography…….
Please try & play with a digital unit that does this…..
put some fun back into your Photography….

About whyphotograph

Photographer, computerist, slayer of Dragons Head of Photography for AWSchmitt Ltd. producing Creative, Illustrative Photography for your needs. ( www.awschmitt.com ) Formally Head of Photography, Peters Valley Center For Crafts, Layton, NJ (www.petersvalley.org)
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