I haven’t taken a “Photograph” in a week or so…

I’ve shot a bunch of “phone-y” pic’s but nothing I would consider a Real Photograph.

Do phone-y pic’s count? What is a “Real” Photograph? …Why is there air?

Sorry, I digressed when I realized what I have gotten myself into.

Real Photographs are ones that I take, save, show friends and counterparts, display on various websites, print, show, sell…
Phone-y pics are ones that I take, save, show friends, display on various websites and always seem have with me….

Funny, I’ve never printed an iPhone pic. I’ve managed to make small groupings with it but I’ve never done anything “real” with the images.
Is this wrong? Am I being pigheaded about a technological innovation?

I use to carry a small Canon camera in my pocket. Wherever I went, I used this for documenting day to day life and a notebook for things I wanted to return to with a “real” camera.
A “real” camera use to refer exclusively to one using film. Be it my Canon 1V or an 8×10 or a pinhole, they all took film. Now it refers primarily to my Canon 5D MII digital camera and less to pinholes and much less to the view cameras. My poor 1V pretty much never gets used anymore… 8o( …which is a shame since I feel it’s still the finest 35mm camera I’ve EVER used…
So I appear to have changed cameras again, this time in my selection of documenting and recording devices. The iPhone has supplanted my pocket Canon but why? It doesn’t have any zoom capabilities, the images aren’t very large, there isn’t even a little fill flash.
I think it was a question of real estate.
I’m a guy so I don’t carry a purse therefore my only options are pockets or a belt clip thingie. I HATE belt clip thingies, mostly because I’ve become accustomed to not wearing a belt. The iPhone takes a decent amount of pocket space, especially with the rubber Otter Box cocoon it lives in.
Adding in a Canon on top of it has a bad effect, especially on shorts. Not only do they get really lumpy but the added weight is affected by the call of gravity and they keep trying to respond.
Not a pretty sight.
To remedy this, I’d have to wear a belt, which would solve the problem in the first place I guess…

decisions, decisions, decisions….

(BTW..WHAT the h*** is an Otter Box anyway? Otters don’t make boxes…do they?… sorry, I digressed again)

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Photographer, computerist, slayer of Dragons Head of Photography for AWSchmitt Ltd. producing Creative, Illustrative Photography for your needs. ( www.awschmitt.com ) Formally Head of Photography, Peters Valley Center For Crafts, Layton, NJ (www.petersvalley.org)
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1 Response to I haven’t taken a “Photograph” in a week or so…

  1. paula lewis says:

    Photographs should speak to many; snapshots (phone-ys, to use your term) need only speak to the one who feels compelled to take them. Just as great novels and personal calendars, both photographs and snapshots have purpose, value, and meaning. You just happen to be adept at both kinds of visual recording.

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